After your first class the only cost will be the uniform for $40, and there will be an opportunity to buy a shirt for $5 dollars off for and even $60. You then get two weeks of training before starting monthly tuition.

Little Dragons: $150

Regular Program: $200

Dragon Martial Arts Academy is a recognized Ocean Grove Vendor, so anyone who does their home school program through them may pay tuition in that way. 

There is a 10% discount for college students, and additional family members.

Several local businesses have helped setup scholarships for those who would struggle with the normal tuition rates, so please speak with Master Gottfredson to see if you or your child would qualify for any.

Tuition is monthly, once paid you can attend as many classes as you can make it to. Regular training is important to grow. Students enrolled in the regular program may attend up to two classes a day as long as Master Gottfredson is satisfied with the student’s level of focus.

For those who can only attend once a week or less, drop-in classes are $25 and a 5-class punch card can be purchased for $120.

Private lessons can be scheduled outside of regular business hours. They’re $35 per half hour, and as much as an hour and half can be scheduled together.