In honor of Father’s Day, all dads of students will be given the extended trial program ($60 for uniform, shirt and a full month of training). Even if the student also started in June.

We will be closed the afternoon of June 1st in order to attend Black/red Belt and Black Belt Testing at the Korean Martial Arts Academy at 1:30 pm.

There will be no classes June 13th, instead we will be holding Color Belt Testing. Anyone curious to see what Ho Kuk Mu Sul is all about is welcome to sit in and observe. Little Dragons at 4pm and regular students at 5 pm.

We will be closed June 15th to attend Ho Kuk Mu Sul Promotion Ceremonies at 10 am at Lower DeLaveaga Park.

Our sister school, Lairds Academy of Martial Arts, is hosting a summer camp the week of June 17th. Please call either Master Laird (831.459.8901) or Master Gottfredson (831.566.7799) for details.