The first class is always completely free!!!

-A phone call is appreciated so I know to expect a new student, but not necessary. Please walk-in for class if the opportunity presents itself.

-Come in loose clothes, sweat pants and a shirt are best, and bring a water bottle.

-Arrive at least a few minutes early so you can fill out the waiver and we can go over the basics of how class will be ran.

-After class we will talk about your experience. If you enjoyed it and want to continue we will discuss tuition, and if any discounts or scholarships can help lower the price.

Little Dragons

3:15pm to 4pm

An emphasis on fun, and a slightly shorter class time, allows for young children to get a head start on their training. While we stay away from the easier ways to accidentally get injured, Little Dragons begin to learn the kicks punches and stances that will become the foundation of their martial arts growth. The seriousness will be broken up with games, that while overtly fun, will also help social skills. Stories will be shared in-between the action that will help impart the importance of focus, patience and never initiating violence.

Officially for 4-7 year-olds, slightly older students may start here to get their feet wet while children not being challenged enough may move on to the full program.

Full Programs 

4pm to 5pm & 5pm to 6pm

10am to 11am & 2pm to 3pm

(Adult Classes Age 18+)
6pm to 7pm

For all ages and belt levels, it is my hope that having two options every weekday afternoon will allow the whole family to train, while also giving adults that can’t make the 6 o’clock class more opportunities to train. While younger kids may have to wait a little bit longer before learning chokes and joint locks, the full breadth of Ho Kuk Mu Sul will be covered. No two classes will be quite the same as the Instructor will look at who is in class and be able to pick from the hundreds of things that could be covered and the handful of things that can be taught in a 1 hour class.

The 18+ classes will be largely the same as the all age classes, with the lack of kids simply allowing class to move a bit quicker and allowing the Instructor to focus on some lessons that may not get enough time. Still both class times will cover everything mentioned in ‘ What is Ho Kuk Mu Sul’, and more!