Dragon Martial Arts Academy was founded 08/07/2023 

What is Ho Kuk Mu Sul?

Ho Kuk Mu Sul is a hard-soft style. It teaches blocking striking and kicks most would recognize from Tae Kwon Do, while also teaching wrist locks and pressure points similar to Aikido, and unlike either of those styles we teach multiple weapons. Ho Kuk Mu Sul was developed with multiple attackers in mind, so while we do not have a heavy focus on the ground game we teach the basics.

Just as importantly as the physical training are the mental lessons. Spin kicks and roundhouses are cool, but lessons on respect, dignity and self control are things that can be used by anyone, any day.

While there is a basic outline in mind for how a class should be ran, it is in the hands of the Instructor to look at who is in class and decide the appropriate drills for those participating.

School Owner, Master William Gottfredson.

5th Dan Ho Kuk Mu Sul

1st Dan Taekwondo

USAT Certified Referee

AAU Certified Referee

After spending much of the previous 5 years constantly asking my parents to sign me up, I began my martial arts training at Tiger Martial Arts late in 2002. I knew that I would love martial arts, what surprised me was how much I loved my teachers and fellow students. I know I would have earned my 1st Degree Blackbelt anywhere my parents signed me up, but the reason I’ve stayed 20+ years and worked my way to Master is because of the sense of family and community that Grandmaster Jin, Master Laird and all the others have built, and I am excited to bring it back to the Valley.